How can our solutions help your business?

Improve your sales management

Strenghten your promoter management

Simplify your supervisor tasks

Track your merchandising tasks

Mobilize your data collections

Special Features

Sales / Order Management

All you need to do is just type in and send the product code and quantity over Facebook Messenger. The system will then take the information and reflect it as sales trend data in real-time.


  • Sales, order, and inventory management
  • Product code support
  • Real-time data analysis

Location Management

Track the locations of your staff easily by taking advantage of check-in's and check-out's. Prevent fraudulent activities with the use of chatbot's GPS features.


  • Check-in / check-out tracking
  • Optional photo uploading
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Visits list viewing

Performance Check

Real-time retrieval of staff performance details and measures with usr-friendly graphs. Managers are able to see staff and store information with flexibility.


  • Staff / management view support
  • Task, check-in, sales, and inventory views

Day-Off Request

Manual-based, day-off requests are turned into a hassle free request and approval process via the use of Facebook Messenger.


  • Single / multiple day requests
  • Support of day-off category setting
  • Auto-approval / manual approval capabilities


Hear the voice of the customer through your team or partners with the assistance of chatbot


  • Multiple survey type support including single choice, multiple choice, free comment, ranking, matrix, and more question types
  • Photo and audio upload support
  • Real-time data analysis

Promotion Sharing

Send timely information to your staff and partners such as product and promotion details. Add mini quizzes to ensure comprehension of new information


  • Image and document attachment support
  • Quiz (test) add-on
  • Real-time status check viewing

EC Lead Generation

Allow us to turn your Facebook Messenger into smart sales support to introduce your products. Chatbot returns relevant products based on consumer preference just as if it were a natural conversation. Direct them to your website to connect simple inquiries into product purchases.


  • Category / brand / product selections
  • Redirection to your EC website
  • Show product details based on user input
  • Search by keyword

Store Locator

For retailers, one of the most common reasons why consumers come to your Facebook page is to find your store locations. Chatbot provides a list of nearby store locations based off users’ current locations. You are also able to push coupons to these potential users via Facebook Messenger.


  • Nearest store introduction based on user location
  • Store database management
  • Search by keyword / locations

How Can Chatbot Benefit You?


No More Manual Operations

Say good-bye to traditional pen & paper methods. All of your reporting is done just through type-ins or communications via Facebook Messenger.


Easy To Use

No need for a separate storage-space-eating mobile app. Turn your already installed Facebook Messenger into the strongest business communication tool.


Real-Time Intelligent Analysis

All sent-and-received data is analyzed real-time in our platform to give intelligent advice for higher productivity.

Increase Work Productivity With Real-Time Analysis

All chatbot communication will be reflected in Q&Me's superb analysis tools to provide the intelligence you need for your business decisions.

Our Solutions to Maximize Your Productivity

No additional app installation required. Turn your most commonly used messaging application into the best business tool.

Q&Me - Mobile Field Management Tools

Support complicated operations with our user-friendly mobile application. Available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Q&Me - Mobile Field Management Tools